Security Of Funds

Leading the Industry in Insurance Coverage

SEAPRIMECAPITALS LLC has taken further steps to ensure the protection of its responsibilities towards Clients and other third parties by implementing a Civil Liability insurance plan with a coverage limit of €5,000,000. This comprehensive program offers cutting-edge coverage against errors, omissions, negligence, fraud, and various other risks that could potentially result in financial loss.

Setting Industry Standards, Prioritizing Financial Security

The SEAPRIMECAPITALS LLC brand has established itself as a global frontrunner in online trading, specializing in forex, derivatives linked to US and UK stocks, commodities, spot metals, and indices. Ensuring the security of client funds aligns with our unparalleled trading conditions and exceptional customer support. With international acclaim for our excellence, a strong reputation, and multiple awards, our clients can have full confidence that their funds are securely held.

SEAPRIMECAPITALS LLC has made the strategic choice to exclusively collaborate with major global banks. Leveraging the strength and international reputation of the SEAPRIMECAPITALS LLC brand empowers the company to ensure liquidity through well-established banking partners.

Segregation of Funds

Funds belonging to our clients are directed into separate bank accounts distinct from those utilized by the company. These funds are entirely separate from the company's financial records and cannot be utilized to settle obligations in the unlikely event of the company's default.

Safeguarding Against Negative Balances

Given the inherent market volatility, SEAPRIMECAPITALS LLC's commitment to negative balance protection guarantees that even during highly turbulent market conditions, when margin calls and stop outs may not operate as intended, no client will be held responsible for repaying a negative balance.

Proactive Risk Oversight

SEAPRIMECAPITALS LLC consistently identifies, evaluates, and monitors various types of risks associated with its operations. This entails an ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of the established policies, arrangements, and procedures. This approach ensures that the company is well-prepared to meet its financial obligations and capital requirements at all times.